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What is Superplastic NFT: Superplastic NFT Drop

Superplastic Nft

Superplastic NFT provides a wacky and cartoonized spin on popular icons. The company started four years ago and has released quite a number of unique NFTs. 

This blog post will explain all about Super Plastics NFT and the Super Plastic NFT Drop.

Introduction to Superplastic NFT

Superplastic is the top producer of animated synthetic versions of designer toys, synthetic celebrities, and fashionable apparel. 

Paul Budnitz of Kidrobot established Superplastic in 2018. Budnitz is a Vermont-based entrepreneur. Since then, it has made millions of dollars in sales from designer toys and clothing that feature Kranky, ShüDog, Dayzee & Staxx, and Janky & Guggimon.

Superplastic focuses on manufacturing limited-edition vinyl toys. Moreover, they collaborate with some very famous artists and celebrities. As a result, their items instantly sell out once they publish them on their website. 

Superplastic NFT Collaborations

superplastic NFT

There is a big fanbase for superplastic virtual celebrities. For instance, Gucci, Fortnite, Stadium Goods, J Balvin, Saint JHN, and Lil Nas X.

Furthermore, there are also popular persons who are part of their investor group. These are The Chainsmokers, Austin Rosen, Kakao and LINE Friends, Craft Ventures, GV, and Betaworks.

Superplastic Main Characters: Janky & Guggimon

superplastic NFT

Janky and Guggimon are the faces of Superplastic. They have contrasting personalities. For instance, Jankie prefers to associate himself with streetwear. He often searches trash bins for abandoned outfits that were used in movie sets. Janky was featured in Travis Scott’s “ASTROWORLD” trailer.

On the other hand, Guggimon is a DJ, ax collector, and fashion horror artist. He appears on social media using a fake identity. Surprisingly, he is able to achieve a fanbase of more than 100K followers. 

Similarly, Janky and Guggimon both reside at the House of Plastic located on the outskirts of Brooklyn. Ironically, their borderline disturbing and illegal content enthralls their global followers and fans. 

Janky Heist-inspired Superplastic NFT Drop

Superplastic’s NFT Drop came after the creation of Janky and Guggimon’s short film, Superplastic: The Janky Heist. This film was made using the police and surveillance videos that show the pair’s failed venture to try and infiltrate the Christie’s building at Rockefeller Center to steal precious works of art. 

Accordingly, this first NFT Drop happened in two parts. It featured nonfungible tokens (NFTs) that featured designs from Gucci Ghost, OG Slick, Shantell Martin, Alex Pardee, Stickymonger, and Alexandar Todorovic. Additionally, there were two NFTs personally created by Janky & Guggimon.

Other Superplastic NFT Drops

In conjunction with celebrities like Jim Jones, Iann Dior, Gucci Ghost, KidSuper, OG Slick, E40, SSUR, Ricardo Cavolo, Dalek, and Flying Fortress, the second drop from SUPERPLASTIC’s digital stars Janky and Guggimon featured over 10,000 unique programmatically produced NFTs. Consequently, about 9,600 owners of CryptoJanky NFTs who purchased them when they first went on sale received special Headtripz Pillz NFTs from the brand on January 18.

Superplastic also collaborated with Paris Hilton, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Animoca and Gucci.


In conclusion, Superplastic’s numerous NFT collections have been successful. The Cryptojanky NFT collection that they launched in July 2021, generated almost $15.2 million in its total trading volume.

With that kind of popularity, Superplastic NFTs may be a lucrative choice for investments. Nevertheless, NFT holders just need to ensure that they transact using legit crypto exchanges.

Hi! I am Tracie, an Education major with an interest in Finance and Investing. Come and explore the crypto world with me! :)

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