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What is the Crypto Unicorns NFT?

Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns NFT is one of the cutest NFT collections. It features fluffy creatures that can melt anyone else’s heart. 

In this blog post, we will learn about this colorful and attractive NFT collection. 

Introduction to Crypto Unicorns NFT

Laguna Labs developed Crypto Unicorns in 2022 and officially launched it on May 2, 2022. It is a blockchain-based game that focuses on farming simulation. Their uses involve both farming and battling.

The Crypto Unicorns game combines digital pet collecting and farming game. Laguna Labs built the crypto game on the Polygon blockchain. 

Players who want to access the play to earn game need to purchase the digital creatures and Land NFTs first. Once they have both, they use it to collect and breed the digital creatures.  

Market Performance of Crypto Unicorns NFT

crypto unicorns

When Lava Labs launched the NFTs in May 2022, its huge transaction volume made it the number one game NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain. 

Reports showed that its this particular NFT earned $122,250 while the Land NFTs generated $304,410 within 24 hours. 

Check out its price performance in NFT Stat’s website.

How Rre The Unicorns Used on The Farm?

Players can use their NFTs to help them work on their farm and improve their harvest of berries. They are a great help to the farmers because they can use their horns to dig in the soil. Moreover, they know how to properly fertilize the land. 

Ideally, the adorable creatures should be compatible with the Land so that they can have a greater increase in their harvest. 

How Many Crypto Unicorn NFTs Exist?

There are 40,296 images that belong to this collection. While the game was built on the Polygon blockchain, Crypto Unicorns Market NFTs are stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

Furthermore, the Unicorns Land Market consists of 30,000 items. 

As of December 28, 2022, the floor price for a NFT was 0.038 ETH with a total sales volume of 11k ETH and 3.8k owners. On the other hand, the December 2022 floor price for a Land Market NFT was 0.014 ETH. There are a total of 5.5k owners for the Land NFTs and a total sales volume of ETH.

Final Word

After its official launching, the Crypto Unicorns NFT collection gained recognition. It gained recognition as the Top 3 NFT project on Polygon based on secondary sales. Also, it was included in the Top 125 NFT projects of all time in all Polygon chains. Over-all, it had a treasury value of $30M.

Correspondingly, you can buy Crypto Unicorn NFTs at OpenSea using your crypto wallet.

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