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What is Tom Brady’s NFT Collection?

Tom Brady Nft

Tom Brady’s name always connects to the famous American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for 23 seasons. People know him as one of the financially intelligent people in sports.

Now, he is in the NFT space with his Web3 brand.

This blog post will provide all the details about the newest celebrity who has launched their own NFTs.

Introduction to Tom Brady’s Autograph

Tom Brady co-founded Autograph. It is an NFT platform that connects celebrities and sports stars to connect with their fans through NFT collections that depict their real-life experiences.


How Does Autograph Work?

Tom Brady NFT

Autograph takes fan and celebrity interaction to the next level by providing them exclusive non-fungible tokens with their idol’s signatures on them. Furthermore, the NFTS sold in Autograph is not just digital images. Part of the digital collectables are interactive posters, digital figures that show game highlights, and limited edition magazines.

Notably, Autograph is for more than just Hollywood celebrities and sports superstars.

For example, Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal are personally involved in the production of their own NFTs. Now, Tom Brady is part of that long list of names too. 

Tom Brady’s Partnership with Dillon Rosenblatt

The idea for Autograph originated from Dillon Rosenblatt, the current CEO of Autograph. 

Dillon Rosenblatt already had an interest in sports during his middle school years. He had his personal collection of football and basketball cards. Also, he first learned about cryptocurrency when he was in college and eventually came to know about non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Then, he wanted to take the act of collecting sports cards to a digital level. Therefore, he decided to pitch the idea to his father, Richard Rosenblatt, one of the well-known entrepreneurs and CEO of Intermix. Tom Brady was also present during the young Rosenblatt’s presentation since he is a family friend.

After his pitch, both his father and Tom Brady signed up to be co-founders. 

Tom Brady is not the only star athlete in his business. The advisory team of Autograph consists of tennis star Naomi Osaka,  Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, L.A. Dodgers owner Peter Guber and DraftKings co-founders Jason Robins and Paul Liberman. 

Tom Brady’s NFT Collection

Tom Brady NFT

Brady publicly released his personal NFT collection on December 9, 2021. The collection consisted of core events that highlighted Brady’s skills before the NFL accepted him in 2000. 

There were 16,000 items in this collection and each one cost $80. For added suspense, buyers didn’t know what kind of NFT they bought until its December 14 reveal. 

Items in the December 2021 collections were further classified into twenty-five sets of tiered collectibles depending on how rare each one was. For instance, some of the inclusions were a rookie draft card, combine jersey, college resume, combine stopwatch, and combine cleats.

Significantly, the ‘combine’ items are memorabilia of Tom Brady’s NFL’s scouting event where he completed one week of rigorous physical and mental tests together with the Patriots. 

In particular, five categories classify the collectibles from the rarest to the least rare. Namely, ruby as the rarest followed by sapphire, emerald, platinum, and carbon as the most common. 

Additionally, Brady included rare NFTs called ‘immortal statues’ in each of the tiers. Nevertheless, only selected users will receive the immortal statues once they have fulfilled specific requirements such as owning a particular NFT before the activation deadline on  December 21, 2021.

Tom Brady’s Signature Experiences

In September 2022, Autograph launched its Signature Experiences

Patrick Cassidy, Chief Marketing Officer of described it as:

“Signature Experiences is an interactive program powered by Web3/NFT technology that rewards fans over an extended period of time with unprecedented access to exclusive events, hyper-limited digital and physical items, and invite-only content and communication channels.” 

It is a seven-month program that included Brady’s 2,500 season tickets. The ticket is a dynamic NFT that grants access to the physical and digital football experiences. Moreover, real-time updates will be implemented to the NFT based on Brady’s performance. 

In addition, NFT owners will gain ‘milestones’ every time Brady creates another breakthrough record.


All in all, being a sports fan is no longer about cheering from the sidelines. You can now own exclusive items that you can keep forever. Tom Brady’s NFTs can inspire other all-star sports figures to upgrade their fan’s experiences of interacting with them. 

Other NFT collections available at are Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Derek Jeter, Usain Bolt, and Tony Hawk.

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