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Crypto Unicorns Game 101: Laguna Games’ Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns Game 101: Laguna Games’ Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns Game is one of the unique and highly-entertaining play to earn crypto games. It is a blockchain game that has had a strong impression on its players since the beginning of its launch. 

This blog post will discuss more about the crypto unicorns game.

What is the Crypto Unicorns Game?

Laguna Games designed the Crypto Unicorn Games, a play to earn and fun farming simulation. The game centers around awesomely unique unicorn NFTs who act as the farmer’s helpers. 

Additionally, the unicorn NFTs can also be used for a variety of exciting battle loops such as Jousting, Racing and Team RPG. 

One can think of the Crypto Unicorns Game as a fusion of simulation and land tycoon concepts wherein players can upgrade the Land NFTs that they purchase. The land is what powers the community-owned economy and it is also the stage where unicorns are bred and evolved.

In addition,  players can customize their farms according to their taste.

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Different kinds of Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns Game 101: Laguna Games’ Crypto Unicorns

The unicorn NFTs start their life cycle as eggs. Then, they hatch into babies. Eventually, they grow into adult unicorns. Their genes determine what special skills they possess.

Hence, there are unicorns that are excellent for jousting, those that work well in farming and unicorns that can be used for battling. 

Moreover, unicorns can only breed up to eight times. Also, players get the chance to evolve eighteen genes of their unicorns. 

Aside from their skills, the crypto unicorns can also be classified according to their personalities (see chart above).

Types of Land in the Crypto Unicorns Game

Crypto Unicorns Game 101: Laguna Games’ Crypto Unicorns

The land is the unicorn’s habitat. That is where they spend their life working and playing. Crypto Unicorn Land NFTs are highly customizable and include many productive architectures such as farm plots, stables, and nurseries. 

There are three types of land namely common land, rare land, and mythic land. First, common land can supply up to 900,000 plots. It also has nine types that match with the unicorn class. In addition, players get buffs when they use a unicorn that is the same class as the land. 

Second, the rare land has 90,000 plots with three different types that correspond to a specific class group. Players receive buffs for any unicorn that belongs to an entire class group. Lastly, we have the mythic land that contains 10,000 plots. This is the rarest and most valuable type of all and it can buff all nine classes. 

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Extra Features

The Crypto Unicorns game has a Rainbow Marketplace where players can buy seeds, crafting materials, and boosters so that they can achieve more with their land cultivation hence increasing the productive output.

It is important to note that the rainbow marketplace self-regulates its prices. Additionally, players can buy or sell an asset in the marketplace. Prices increase when player buy more assets. Correspondingly, prices lower when there are more sellers.

Aside from the marketplace, the Crypto Unicorn Game has another another feature known called Neighborhoods. Individual players can combine their lands players into neighborhoods designed for highly social multiplayer gameplay.


Aron Beierschmitt, co-founder of Crypto Unicorns believes that play to earn games still have a long way to go before it matures. According to him this is why “charting a path to sustainability through the combination of economic farming simulation” along with the real-time “skill-based gaming loops” .

If you want a different spin on farming games, try Crypto Unicorns Game and enjoy the farming simulation with these charming virtual pets.


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