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FGHT Out Crypto: What is it & What is it’s Price?


FGHT is the native token of Fight Out, one of the latest cryptocurrency projects that are expected to triple in value over the coming months.

When you’ve tuned in to recent news, it is highly likely that you have heard of the FGHT token and Fight Out. Many crypto enthusiasts are predicting this project’s success. 

That is why we will discuss all the FGHT tokens and Fight Out.

Introduction to Fight Out (FGHT)

Health and wellness is a continuously growing sector, especially after the COVID crisis. This is the issue that Move-to-Earn projects like Fight Out strive to address. There is a huge need for innovative physical workouts. Hence, Fight Out aims to incentivize people with crypto for completing their workouts and developing their personal fitness. 

Developers of the Fight Out intend to address areas wherein the traditional fitness industry has failed. For example, poorly-structured workout plans, expensive gym membership fees, and inadequate social rapport among participants. 

Mechanism of FGHT


The Move-to-Earn (M2E) project is a fast-growing advocacy in the crypto space. Developers want to encourage people to have healthier lifestyles. As a result, they sought to gamify physical exercise. Fight Out uses rewards to encourage its users to continue with their positive habits. 

Fight out users can create soul-bound avatars in the application that reflects the users’ real-life progress in their workouts. Particularly, these soul-bound avatars are in the form of NFTs. 

There is a tracking system in place that will monitor the fitness challenges that a user successfully achieves. Then, participants will earn REPS – the in-app currency of the Fight Out ecosystem. 

With REPS, players can spend it at FGHT’s store or use it to get a discount for their monthly gym subscription. Notably, REPS can also be used as payment for the users’ personal training sessions and their supplements. 

What Does FGHT Allow Users to Do?

The software of FGHT allows users to create their avatar NFTs that are not for sale because they are soul-bound tokens. FGHT’S avatar creation process is a lengthy one because users need to input their complete information. For example, users need to provide their available time, equipment, preferred workout kinds, and any body areas they want to avoid. 

Then, the application will record their eating, sleeping, and exercise routines. These logs will enable the participants to receive extensive and personalized recommendations. 

There will be workout experts who are in charge of the customized training programs. Additionally, the guidance of in-house coaches will guarantee that the implemented workouts adhere to fitness protocols that prioritize the well-being of participants. 

Impact of Fight Out (FGHT) on the M2E Metaverse


Developers designed Fight Out to make physical fitness less intimidating to people. As a result, Fight Out takes their app beyond the conventional Move-to-Earn (M2E) structure.

First, Fight Out doesn’t just measure the steps walked in a day. It is not just about simple motion. It encourages you to adopt a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Consequently, you get rewarded for doing so. 

Second, they will use modern technology to monitor fitness activities such as in-gym sensors.

Third, users don’t need to buy expensive NFTs just to start participating in the Fight Out ecosystem.

Furthermore, since people create soul-bound avatars, they feel the connection between their workout progress and themselves. It’s not just digits on a screen but the fruits of their hard work. 

FGHT Crypto Presale

As of January 18, the FGHT team already raised $3 million in its presale. During its first presale phase in December 2022, one FGHT token’s price was $0.01665002. 

Their targeted exchange price listing is $0.0333 after the presale ends on March 31. 

In a statement the Fight Out’s CEO, Carl Jones, issued, he said that:

“It’s fantastic that we’ve raised $3 million so far in our presale. Fight Out is going to completely change the fitness industry. 

Is FGHT Token a Good Investment?

Aside from maintaining the stability of Fight Out’s economy, here are some reasons why people should consider investing in the FGHT token.

Enhances the Move to Earn Space

The fitness and wellness industry has great potential in business aspects. However, due to the many problems that conventional gyms and health coaches encounter, the sector has a hard time flourishing. 

With Fight Out, incentivizing physical fitness can bring more people in and bolster the mass adoption of their token.

Provides Creative Solutions

Users can gain access to highly customized fitness routines. There will be hands-on support from the team of coaches and trainers. It does not stop with them registering on the app and creating their profile, their program is designed to be a long-term journey. 


Investors who bought the tokens at an early stage have the chance to stake their tokens for a longer time and become qualified for higher memberships.

As of February 15, investors can buy Fight Out tokens directly from project’s website. They just need to visit Fight Out website and buy FGHT using either ETH or USDT.

Final Word

The Fight Out crypto project is unique because it has advocacy. It has its users’ welfare at heart. After the COVID crisis, many people struggled to get back to their normal lives. Hopefully, Fight Out can inspire more people to go on a fitness journey for the improvement of their lives. 

This time, it’s no longer playing to earn, but getting healthy and earning from it!

Hi! I am Tracie, an Education major with an interest in Finance and Investing. Come and explore the crypto world with me! :)

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