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CCHG – C+ Charge Token for Beginners

C+ Charge

CCHG – $Charge token is making waves in crypto space now. Every list that tries to predict what tokens will explode 2023 all include CCHG.

Let us learn more about this new crypto project that may just become a gamechanger in the field of electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Introduction to CCHG – C+ Charge Token

CCHG – $Charge is the native token of C+ Charge. This crypto project aims to reduce carbon pollution and combat the widespread problem with air pollution. 

The C+ Charge ecosystem is an innovation in the Move-to-Earn (M2E) network. Its objective is to use blockchain technology to help promote modern solutions that will decrease air pollution and help maintain a clean and healthy environment that future generations can inherit. 

What is the Current Situation?

Data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that fossil fuels are responsible for 27 percent of the cumulative atmospheric carbon emissions. 

This is an alarming figure especially that climate-related problems continue to expound over the years. Hence, the technology sector endorsed electric vehicles as one way to solve this problem.

Nevertheless, the poor implementation framework of electric vehicles led to its inadequate adoption. There is still a big deficiency in the availability of charging stations. As a result, this limits the number of people who buy electric vehicles. 

Consequently, this is the problem that C+ Charge wants to solve. 

What can People do With the CCHG – C+ Charge Token? 

CCHG - C+ charge

First of all, C+ Charge is a new blockchain-based crypto project that aspires to transform the electronic vehicle (EV) charging industry

Users can download the C+ Charge app and use the application to locate charging stations. Then, the application will be providing EV users with a network of EV charging stations that they can easily access. In addition, the C+ Charge app also comes with a uniform payment system so that customers can easily pay for their recharges.

People can use the native currency, $Charge token or CCHG to pay for the recharges. Notably, users will receive carbon credits as rewards for using the app and paying for EV recharging. 

What is the C+ Charge’s Mechanism?

CCHG - C+ Charge

First, the environment-focused crypto project will build a chain of EV charging stations. The stations can function using the C+Charge and it will also accept CCHG as payment. 

Second, people will use the app to locate charging stations that are nearest to them. Every recharge they pay using CCHG earns them carbon credits. 

With this mechanism, the developers hope to give EV users a hassle-free driving and traveling experience. Hopefully, this will also encourage other people to switch to using electric vehicles since CCHG streamlines recharging rewards and payment into one cryptocurrency

Features of CCHG – C+ Charge token

CCHG - C+ Charge

BNB Smart Chain is the blockchain technology  that C+ Charge uses. Also, it is a deflationary token. All the tokens that have been used to pay for the recharging services will be removed from the circulation. This ensures the limited supply of tokens that will lead to scarcity. In turn, scarcity will cause the token’s value to appreciate over time. 

As of this writing, C+ Charge is undergoing its presale phase. Its fundraising target is $2 million and they have raised $270,000 so far. The presale will end in two months and CCHG will be listed in the crypto exchanges by March. 

Furthermore, to help achieve its unique goal, the founders of CCHG partnered with Flowcarbon. Flowcarbon is another blockchain-based carbon credit platform. Together, they created a charge utility token known as the Goodness Nature Token (GNT).

Price and Supply

CCHG - C+ Charge

C+ Charge has a total allocation of 1 billion CCHG tokens. Forty percent of the tokens will go to the public sale. Ten percent will go to giveaways, airdrops, and staking. Lastly, the founders will distribute fifteen percent of the token supply to an ecosystem fund. 

CCHG will be publicly available soon. With its advocacy, crypto enthusiasts predict that its market cap will be a substantial one. If all goes well in the presale stage of C+ Charge, they may possibly accumulate high sales. Correspondingly, this can be a good indicator of their future market cap and trading volume. 


Are you an electric vehicle owner? Are you passionate about lowering your carbon footprints? If these situations relate to you, you might consider investing in CCHG while it is still at its early stages. 

The project has already been verified via KYC and smart contract audits. Therefore, it is safe to invest in. 

Check out their website and it might be your chance to make a worthy investment for 2023!

Hi! I am Tracie, an Education major with an interest in Finance and Investing. Come and explore the crypto world with me! :)

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